Move Data Faster

Scale to meet the demands on your network in the data-centric era. Accelerate high-priority applications, packet processing, and latency-sensitive workloads with the Intel? Ethernet portfolio.


Learn about Intel? Ethernet Network Adapters that support this exciting new standard that expands server networking capabilities beyond the PCIe form factor.

Simplify Migration to 10GbE

Understand the advantages of migrating from 1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. In this video, field expert Gary Gumanow shares key considerations and tips to simplify migration using 10GBASE-T.

Intel? Ethernet 800 Series

Packed with new capabilities and bandwidth up to 100 Gbps. Accelerate network performance, scalability, and predictability.

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Intel? Ethernet Technologies

Powerful technologies designed to equip networks with more predictable workload-optimized performance, and more-efficient, faster packet processing.


Application Device Queues (ADQ) is an advanced traffic-steering technology that improves application response time predictability and scalability.

Consistently meet service level agreements with ADQ ?

Performance Testing Application Device Queues with Memcached ?

Performance Testing Application Device Queues with Aerospike ?


Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) reduces latency and improves packet processing performance and efficiency for cloud, communication, and network edge workloads.

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Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), with support for both iWARP and RoCE v2, improves network performance for low-latency, high-throughput workloads.

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Product Guides

Learn more about Intel? Ethernet product portfolios.

PCIe adapters ?

OCP adapters ?

Connections and controllers ?

Product Catalog

View product specifications and product briefs for more than 70 Intel? Ethernet products.

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